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If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you love to sell and like to offer an outstanding customer service, you could be part of the increasing LUXENTER family. LUXENTER is continuously recruiting new franchisees to expand our concept store network around the world. You will run your own business, with full access to LUXENTER´s comprehensive business format (including brand, assortment and store concept) according to which you must operate.

LUXENTER was founded in 1976 by Carmen Lizarriturri and José Antonio Moreno, dedicated to the design and creation of jewelry in silver and semi-precious stones. Today, LUXENTER has developed into one of the European´s largest jewellery brands, with almost 500 thousand pieces sold per year, in more than 30 countries. Our dedicated franchisees have been part of our growing success, helping us to build our brand around the world.


LUXENTER has business opportunities in many markets (local and international) and we welcome interest from those with and without experience in the jewellery industry. We offer:

Attractive business model

We share the same goal: to make your business a success, as we have done with many franchisees before, and we are still doing.

Proven retail concept

As a franchisee you are an independent entrepreneur in charge of your own business. We will deliver a turn-key solution and assist you in every step of the process, from location scouting to the store opening event. Our previous experiences prove the success.

Products with mass appeal

We are constantly designing new products to match the expectations of our clients around the world. We have a wide product portfolio, with many different lines that allow us to offer a singular experience to each client. We launch two collections per year, to be sure that we offer, constantly, the right product.

Attractive industry

Growing and consolidated industry.

Appealing store design

Through the years we have developed an inspiring and light store design based on a unique and internationally tested concept. The furniture and fixtures are custom made for LUXENTER. This amazing atmosphere invites you to get in and enjoy with the incredible customer experience.

Growing company

Since we started our business in 1976, and start our retail network with our first concept store in 2012, we have had an amazing development. Nowadays, we have more than 30 concept stores, over hundred shop in shops, more than 1200 mutibrand point of sales, and Luxenter products are sold in more than 35 countries... and we keep growing!

Strong headquarter support

As a LUXENTER franchisee, you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself. LUXENTER will support you throughout your career as a LUXENTER franchisee.

Jewellery, is a traditional and really consolidated industry, could be split in 3 different segments: affordable, luxury and high-end jewellery, based on the final price. We are positioned within the affordable luxury segment; a segment which constitutes a large share of the global jewellery market. This segment is experiencing a great development, thanks to this global trends:

  • Branding: brands entering the market and taking market share from local jewellery shops 
  • Fashionability: jewellery is increasingly perceived as an accessory, which is changing spending habits.  
  • Customization: increasing demand for personalised jewellery 
  • New customer segmentation: for example, more female self-purchasers driven by increasing number of working women 
  • Growth in consumer base driven by emerging markets

Fashion democratization: Consumers prefer quantity than quality in their clothes and accessories.

  • Luxenter Plata Silver
    You are classic and femenine
    This line of jewels made of silver is the essence of Luxenter. It transmits trend in every jewel with designs that have been adapted to the evolution of fashion and women. It is aimed at a familiar, modern and successful woman who finds a moment in her day to add a touch of color to her outfit.
  • Luxenter Plata Lara Alvarez
    You are attitude and irreverence
    This line of pieces made of silver transmits trend in every jewel with designs that reflects the passion and attraction of Lara Alvarez. Bold but also sophisticated designs, perfect for special nights.
  • Momentos para Brillar Time to shine
    You are dazzling
    A line with exquisite and sophisticated style of pieces made of silver that transmit elegance overall. Aimed at a women interested in special jewels that stand out for their designs and their glow. An exclusive line for women in special occasions.
  • Píde un deseo Make a wish
    You share positive vibes
    Jewels are beautiful and full of meaning for Luxenter. This line combines informality and trend in silver pieces. It represents a women that shows interest in fashion but doesn’t want to stand out for her jewellery.
  • Happy Gems Happy Gems
    Full of color
    This line emerge to reach the new generations of Luxenter. Luxenter shows its younger, fresher and funnier side with Happy Gems, a line that allow infinite combinations creating a personal and unique style.
  • África Africa
    You are free and follow your instincts
    A remembrance of Luxenter origins with designs that resemble the beginnings of the brand, golden and large pieces. A line aimed at a women with and irreverent and trendy style. Pieces made of metal for a women that knows what she wants.

LUXENTER has business opportunities in many markets (local and international) and we welcome interest from those with and without experience in the jewellery industry. We offer:

Attractive business model
We share the same goal: to make your business a success, as we have done with many franchisees before, and we are still doing.

Concept store
A concept store is a full-blown LUXENTER store, which carries a complete assortment of LUXENTER products, has a branded LUXENTER store front and is furnished only with LUXENTER fittings and displays.

A shop-in-shop is a clearly defined space in a store or department store dedicated to LUXENTER. It has LUXENTER fittings and displays and carries a wide assortment of LUXENTER products. It will typically look very much like a concept store on the inside (except smaller), generally without the LUXENTER branded store front.

Multibrands Gold dealer (furniture)
Gold dealers are multi-brand retailers with a strong LUXENTER profile, normally with some branded furniture in the store and a medium assortment.

Multibrands Silver dealer (without furniture)
Silver dealers are multibrand retailers carrying a limited assortment. They have some windows for LUXENTER lines, displayed as we do, but without LUXENTER furniture.

We are crazy about providing with the best customer experience, so we have developed our Concept Store to ensure that LUXENTER brand is exposed to consumers uniformly and in the best possible ways in all the markets. Our furniture is custom made, using the best techniques and materials.

LUXENTER products are sold in more than 30 countries around the world, and we are always looking for new business opportunities.

Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Bulgary, Serbia, Poland, Russia, Ukrania.

Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile.

Middle East
Kuwait, Azerbaijan


Guinea, Angola

LUXENTER will be at your disposal from the beginning of the project, providing first class support to our franchisees, to enable you to focus on your main goal: the client.

Operational support
Our team will visit your store periodically, challenge you and help you set achievable goals. Thanks to our Operational Guide you will be able to operate the store easily.

Visual merchandising
In the store opening process, our Visual Merchandisers will help you set up the store, so the products look as appealing as possible. Our Visual Merchandisers will visit your store on a regular basis to help you present the products and the store in the best way possible in order to boost sales.

Twice per year, once per collection, your Store Manager will be trained to ensure that she/he has the full knowledge of the new collection and the last brand developments.

Marketing materials
Marketing at LUXENTER is all about creating awareness, building brand equity, influencing sales and obtaining loyalty by defining and understanding our target consumer and their consumption habits and motivation.

IT Department
Luxenter franchisees will have a private management system that will enable you to have statistical reports, sales analysis,… You will be trained in the use of the software.

Luxenter Club is a loyalty program only available in our concept stores that offers some advantages just by registering. Luxenter Club will help you to keep customers by offering them some benefits. Just by registering:

  • Virtual jewellery box in which customers could keep a record of their purchases.
  • Presents to welcoming you, for your birthday and anniversary.
  • Guarantee extension, from 2 to 3 years.
  • Last news and trends.
  • Exclusive contests.

Knowledge sharing
To provide our franchisees with up-to-date information about LUXENTER, product developments, trends and retailing, we arrange meetings and conferences, where you can meet your colleagues.

  • Retail experience with good results and proven track record. Not jewellery experience needed.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset.
  • A passion for sales and for offering excellent customer service.
  • Energy, perseverance and optimism.
  • A willingness to personally devote full-time efforts to daily operations of a LUXENTER store.
  • Eagerness to learn.
  • Appreciation of the LUXENTER brand.
  • Commitment to the LUXENTER franchising system and cooperation within the whole chain.
  • Solid financial foundation.

LUXENTER stores are situated mainly in shopping malls highly frequented or high streets in the major cities. We prefer to be close to the main international brands within the affordable segment and with high customer footfall. Preferably to stay close to our competitors.

We have a long list of places we want to be, but you are more than welcome to submit your suggestion and we can examine if it fits our distribution plan.

We have 2 options: store or kiosk. The store (favorite option) should have a sales area from 25sqm to 60sqm, and the kiosk from 9sqm to 25 sqm.

As a LUXENTER franchisee you will face some initial investment to get the store up and running. The start-up cost will vary depending on the size of the store and the necessary fittings, but the approximate cost is from 80.000€, including entry fee, product, project, initial training, software, equipments, display material, furniture and assembly.

Additional investments in initial sign-on fee, legal expenses, opening stock etc. could also be required. Also you need to ensure that you have adequate operating capital.